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Why are springs dangerous when the door is closed?

When the door is closed, the coils of the extension garage door springs are stretched. They're in high tension in order to keep the door closed and ready to use this energy when you'll open the door. If this energy is suddenly released, springs will snap and fly away hurting anyone in their way.

Which parts need more maintenance?

All garage door parts need maintenance. Whether they're big or small in size, all components must be checked will equal attention. Though, springs and sensors should be checked and maintained more often due to the high responsibility of garage door springs to open and close the door and the even higher responsibility of sensors to offer a safe environment.

What do I need in order to install door openers?

For door operators, you need to make sure that the top part of the garage is held in place with a piece of iron. The piece of iron should cover the entire length of the top section. That way you can install your opener safely. Make sure to carry out this procedure carefully to avoid any possible accidents.

What measurements do I need for an accurate estimate?

You will need to know the measurements of the headroom, door width and door height. The headroom is measured from the bottom of headboard to the ceiling. Door with is measured from left to right and door height, from floor to top of headboard.

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